Longer AFLW quarters to give scoring a boost

The 2023 AFLW season is about to expertise a scoring increase after the AFL Fee agreed to increase the size of matches by about eight minutes.

Beneath new guidelines launched on Thursday, quarter lengths will probably be elevated by about two minutes per time period, considering stoppages.

With scoring typically simpler later in phrases when gamers are extra drained, the additional two minutes per quarter is predicted to result in an essential improve in scoring — a welcome addition given the low-scoring nature of AFLW matches.

The size of the interval at quarter time and three-quarter time will probably be decreased from six minutes and 30 seconds down to 6 minutes, with the size of the half-time break decreased from 16 minutes to 14 minutes.

An interchange cap will probably be launched, permitting 60 rotations per match.

There will even be a cap on runners accessing the sphere of play.

The boundary throw-ins will even be tweaked.

As a substitute of boundary umpires shifting in 10m to throw the ball again into play everywhere in the subject, they may now solely do it for throws-ins outdoors the 50m arcs.

Boundary throw ins inside the 50m arcs will probably be accomplished from the boundary line.

The prevailing ‘final contact out of bounds’ rule will nonetheless apply between the 50m arcs.

“These rule changes will give supporters extra of what they love — a steadiness between assault and defence, improved strategic pressure, and encourage extra instinctive play,” AFL performing soccer supervisor Laura Kane stated in an announcement.

“Limiting runners’ entry, extending quarter lengths, and introducing an interchange cap is designed to open up the sport, which gives a chance for gamers to compete with extra aptitude and have better freedom to play on intuition.”

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