Formula 1, wrong tyres: was Max Verstappen’s victory in danger?

The following win of Max Verstappen! The Red-Bull-World Champion marched to his sixth win in a row at Silverstone after beginning the race from pole place for the fifth time in a row. Verstappen led 48 of 52 race laps, nevertheless it wasn’t the anticipated drive to victory.

The championship chief was susceptible in two phases of the race. First at the beginning, when Verstappen obtained off badly and was caught by Lando Norris earlier than flip 1. Oscar Piastri additionally attacked the defending champion within the first lap, however the Dutchman was capable of efficiently defend himself. The rationale for the dangerous begin was rapidly discovered. “Max did not function the clutch optimally,” mentioned Crimson Bull Motorsport Advisor Dr. Helmut Marko.

Norris cracks Verstappen at the start

“I had a lot of spinning tires at the start and first had to find my way past Lando. That took a few laps and then I needed a few laps to cool the tires, which allowed Lando to stay in the DRS range,” explained Verstappen its starting phase. It took four laps before he had caught the McLaren driver, six more until he had finally shaken Norris out of the DRS area.

After that, everything seemed to be heading for an easy win: Verstappen steadily increased his lead in a controlled manner and Red Bull waited with his pit stop to cover all eventualities. Verstappen’s lead over Norris increased to over nine seconds during this phase of the race.

Wrong tire choice? Verstappen saves soft tires to the finish

But a safety car about 20 laps before the end reduced this lead again and gave Red Bull the choice between hard tires and soft tires. Red Bull switched to the soft tires. A decision that got Verstappen into trouble for the second time in this race. Because the softs did not perform as expected. “It was only two or three laps before I realized it was going to be pretty tricky to keep the tires and the temperature under control,” explained Verstappen.

“If we had taken the hard tire maybe we could have pushed a bit harder,” he added. “In hindsight, choosing the tire at the end was a risk, both Max’s and Hamilton’s tires deteriorated quite a bit. That’s why we were happy in the end that the race was over,” analyzed Dr. Helmut Marko and suspected that Norris would have needed three to five more laps to exploit his advantage with hard tires.

But even if Verstappen had to fight briefly twice, victory was never really in danger. Red Bull was able to set another record with the Dutchman’s eighth win of the season: in 1988 McLaren was the only team to date to have won eleven races in a row. Red Bull has now equalized this mark and can become the sole record holder at the Formula 1 race in Hungary in just two weeks.

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