Comment – Audi sacrifices everything for Formula 1: An indictment

How a lot is entry into Formulation 1 value? For the Audi board of administrators across the outgoing CEO Markus Duesmann, clearly a lot that your complete remaining manufacturing facility motor sport of the Ingolstadt firm and the monetary buyer help are sacrificed for it. Audi team bosses who have been successful for years have severely criticized the board decision.

When the Dakar Rally is over in January 2024 when the pointless Audi off-roader is used for the final time, the manufacturing facility sport can be over in the interim. A turning level determined within the fortieth 12 months of Audi Sport GmbH. What a ‘parting current’…

It should most likely be years earlier than Audi can win main races and necessary championships once more and thus be capable of drum up publicity for its street automobiles. In spite of everything, there’s nonetheless an extended method to go earlier than F1 entry in 2026, and hardly anybody believes that Audi-Sauber can be profitable immediately.

Motorsport is what made Audi famous in the first place

The brand with the four rings, which first gained a profile 40 years ago through rally motorsport, is facing very dark racing times in the foreseeable future. A brand that has won the 24 Hours of Le Mans 13 times, the DTM drivers’ championship twelve times and the Nürburgring 24-hour race six times.

Especially now, when GT3 sport is booming worldwide, professional sport has never been cheaper and the cars will even be driving at Le Mans from 2024 – where Audi should actually have been fighting for overall victory with its almost finished LMDh million grave… – the board in Ingolstadt turns off the money tap – ‘Full focus on Formula 1’. Another almost incomprehensible motorsport decision that fits seamlessly into the factory exits from the DTM (2020) and Formula E (2021) as well as the Dakar entry (2022).

The fans, especially in Germany, almost always acknowledge the board decision with rejection. Has Audi’s great motorsport history been trampled on? Is this how you sell cars? Last but not least, the already limited anticipation of the planned F1 commitment has certainly received another damper in more than two years.

Audi wants to enter Formula 1 in 2026, Photo: LAT Images

Audi wants to enter Formula 1 in 2026, Photo: LAT Images

Audi and motorsport fans want combustion engine sport

It is clear that the V10 naturally aspirated engines in the more than 300 Audi R8 racing cars do not fit in with the brand strategy issued to only offer purely electric road cars from 2030 – the big plan of Mr. Diess, who is gone from Volkswagen just as soon as his colleague Duesmann is from Audi .

The fact that many, many people around the world continue to like combustion engines is shown by the record-breaking spectator numbers at the 24-hour races on the Nürburgring or in Le Mans and at many other events. Combustion engine motorsport is booming, but people in Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg (VW Motorsport have closed down completely) don’t seem to want to admit it. Do ‘those up there’ still hear what their customers actually want?

The rest of motorsport for Formula 1 sacrificed: a sign of inadequacy

Without a doubt, Formula 1 is the sole premier class of motorsport and is probably more well-known and far-reaching worldwide than all of the rest of motorsport put together. Since getting started will probably cost billions of euros despite the cost cap, it was to be expected that other Audi factory programs would fall victim to this project.

But all of them, and the important financial support for customer teams on top of that? Compared to the other Formula 1 teams like Mercedes (GT3), Ferrari (Le Mans winner, GT3), McLaren (Formula E, IndyCar, Extreme E, GT3) and even Alpine (from 2024 with LMDh car) Audi’s total focus on F1 is an indictment.

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